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What initially started with 30 experts….BMS History


In 1999, Bosch founded its subsidiary Bosch Management Support GmbH. Former and retired Bosch associates are provided for projects and consulting on a temporary basis within Bosch. These so-called senior experts are former specialists and executive managers with partly up to 40 years of Bosch experience.

There is a high demand for technicians, engineers, controllers and logisticians. These senior experts are booked at Bosch where professional consulting is needed on a short-term notice. Classic working areas are research and development, production, purchasing, finance or sales and marketing.

Our portfolio includes quality assurance and management, R&D Support, process analyses and improvement, projects for improving results as well as market analyses. But also workshops, trainings and lectures as well as temporary assignments or one-time tasks where special Bosch knowledge is required.

Bosch realized early how huge the potential of its former and now retired associates was. For a company with innovative-capacity, the know-how and professional experience of its highly qualified associates is unpayable. This will be even more preponderate when the baby-boomers start to retire. The knowledge acquired for decades stays within the company with the senior experts on hand.

Simultaneously, younger associates are given the opportunity to learn something from the older and more experienced retired experts. Furthermore the project-oriented work and the internal networking offer an ideal basis for successful interaction of knowledge and experience of the seniors and fresh ideas and skills of the younger associates.


Facts and figures


Our Portfolio:


  • Quality assurance and management
  • Research & Development support
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Projects for improving results
  • Market analysis
  • Knowledge transfer, mentoring
  • Temporary absences
  • One-time tasks with a particular Bosch connection
  • Company representation on public bodies
  • Workshops, training, lectures
  • Logistics, purchasing