BMS experts in action


Developing Processes for Quality Assurance


Climate change, the need for reduced CO2 emissions, energy efficiency: electro mobility is becoming the major topic for the automotive sector, and Bosch is getting one request after the next. Now things have to move quickly: Bosch has established the GS-EH business unit to develop efficient components for electrification. The challenge is to offer prompt solutions in expected Bosch quality – no easy feat in such a young developing field still lacking in established processes and methods.


As section head, Bernd Huber is responsible for ensuring quality in the e-drive laboratory. He and his team are highly qualified and motivated. What is missing, however, is a temporary team member who has experience in the development and standardization of highly complex testing processes.

Bernd turns to BeXs, the special BMS expert placement program. There he quickly and easily submits a request and receives a selection of suitable candidates who are able to provide prompt support.


Hans-Peter Rauschert is an expert in electrical engineering and quality management with 40 years of Bosch experience behind him. During his career at Bosch, he worked in research, development, manufacturing, plant quality assurance, and finally in quality management for the Automotive Electronics division.


Into the future with experience

The hiring process is fast and uncomplicated. In just a few short days, Hans-Peter is part of the team. His task is to define processes and methods which ensure that the testing of new developments is sustainable and reliable no matter what the location.


Right away, Hans-Peter sits down with all team members and identifies strengths, challenges, and initial approaches to solving their problems.


A strong foundation for progress

Hans-Peter supports the team for a total of 80 days over a period of nine months. He defines and establishes standards for laboratories, acceptance criteria, and testing processes. One result of this work is that testing facilities are used more efficiently today. Hans-Peter’s laboratory scope is considered a benchmark in the GS division. And since then Bernd’s department, GS-EH/EVT, has continuously achieved top results in audits.